SUBAloid UTAU Policies

....Yep. Bet everyone thought this would be some wicked long post about crossing their T's and dotting their I's. BUT NO. Suba comes out of left field! Amgggggg.

..Ahem. Anyways.

My only, I repeat, only rules about using my UTAU:

• Each UTAU has individual rules on their page, such as who they can't sing with, or what songs I don't want them in. ...Rarely do I actually not want them to be with someone, but just in case. Follow their page rules.

• Using my UTAU, you must credit me with a link back to my blog, here, at

• Naturally, do not steal my voicebanks, oto.ini files, samples, artwork, or anything herein. I will find you. Besides, that's not cool. I worked hard on these.

....Aaaand that's pretty much it. Enjoy your newly acquired SUBAloid!