Pram Voicebank Download & Info

PRAM VOICEBANK UPDATED AND REPOSTED - FEBRUARY 14th 2011 - New video to be added soon.

• Name: PRAM

• Name Meaning: No special meaning.

• Gender: Female

• Age: Approximately 16

• Country of Origin: Recorded in USA, only is set for Japanese, though.

• UTAU Series: SUBAloid

• Voice Type: Soft, sort of high pitched. No appends, though.

• Optimum Range: Between C4 and C5.

• Encoding: Romaji & Kana

• Aliases?: Yes

• Voicebank Type: CV

• Has a configured OTO?: Yes

• Appends/Multiple Banks?: Not yet.

• Multiple Languages?: No

• Seiyuu: Subarashiki, with the assistance of MorphVox Pro for pitching and timbre.

PRAM is a CV only voicebank. Primarily used for Japanese with potential for Engrish/English. Pram debuted in November of 2010, my first completed UTAUloid. Her OTO.ini may need a little work, and anyone who downloads her is more than free to edit it as they seem fit.

Along with my general UTAU Policies, Pram doesn't have any special rules. All I ever ask is that you link back to this blog somewhere if you use her. Thank you!


* As a note, PRAM's "i" noises (As in: i, ki, shi, ri, etc.) have this strange static to them. As far as I could hear, nothing is wrong with the sample, frequency file, or OTO. If anyone knows the solution to this, please contact me ASAP.