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Computer Failures - Temporary Hiatus

Alright, so. Last night I had shut off my PC while going to eat some food. Upon returning, it wouldn't boot up. Or rather, it'd start to- but without a display- and then shut itself back off. After a while of poking about at it, it just refused to turn on at all. After that, I saw smoke. Yes. Smoke coming from somewhere around my graphics card, or potentially the motherboard. Long short, I will be sending it in for repairs soon, and will be unavailable or most things for at least a week. Maybe two? I'm not entirely sure on the ETA here. I'll probably be able to check my dA and emails, but other than that, nothing else. On a side note, today I apparently got a note with a fixed version of Hisoka's MMD model. When I get my PC back I'll test it out- hopefully he'll be for release soon!

PRAM's "Remastered" VB

Replaced the old download link on her page with a link to her newer, cleaner VB. Enjoy!

Thank you again Peachbite for making it such a nice quality!

PRAM's first duet!

With the beautiful KYLZ, by Peachbite! I also want to thank Peachbite so, sooo very much for giving Pram such an awesome overhaul. Cleaner samples and a flawless OTO- she sounds so professional now!

Remastered VB will be up for download soon! In the meantime, check out KYLZ & PRAM in ANTI THE∞HOLiC

KYLZ is property of Peachbite

Newest Design

So here he is. My first male UTAU project. Originally Nai was, and I had an okay voicebank recorded. Unfortunately it was all lost in the great Harddrive Migration of 2010. So here is my new little guy. I had a real want for a kodona-styled shota- Who doesn't, right? /shot. Ahem. Anyways! I hope he'll be a success. Recording commences tomorrow morning, bright and early!

Anyone have ideas for names? So far "Claus" has come to mind, but I'm a little conflicted. I'd like to hear some opinions. Just leave a comment? =D

To see the full image, click here.

New blog!

Had a few posts here earlier, but then I discovered the 'pages' feature for Blogger. It's niiiice. Now I can keep things much more organized!

Is it dorky that I feel all special now that I've got a blog set up? (Probably.)

That's okay. Here's some random earcandy. Maybe. If you like Pram it is?

Pram - Campanella Intro