Art Requests

All art on this blog (aside from the layout itself), unless otherwise specified, is by me. I do all of my own UTAU's artwork and I love doing art for other people, as well. I do it for free, too! The only requirement is that you be patient with me. If you choose to ask me for art and I am able to do it, I also ask that you're not a complete jerk about the process. Not to sound like one myself, but this is a favor to you. A privilege, not a right. That being said!

To get art, just contact me! There are several ways, such as my email at the top of this blog (fastest), or forums like Utaforum, which you can find the link to at the top in "Links Out" as well. My username there is Subarashiki. I also have a youtube channel @

Be sure to include any image references you can, descriptions, and other additional notes. I will say I am not all too great at mimicking "traditional" or "parody" images (such as drawing your UTAU in the traditional "Love is War" pose or something). I can try. But. Most of them I'm kind of lacking in.

You may use the art I do for you for any purpose you so desire, so long as I am credited, again, with a link back to this blog. That is literally my -only- requirement. Do not steal the art and claim it is your own work. That sucks and people who do that suck just as much.

[I will add images here as they have been drawn. Keep an eye out! This is the gallery page.]